Landscape News

The Kennett Pike Association (KPA), with support from its sponsors, is continuing its program of maintaining and improving the landscaping along the Rt. 52 corridor. This important service both enhances the uniqueness of the area and contributes to traffic calming.

The Kennett Pike Association welcomes Acorn Energy as our newest median sponsor. Acorn Energy is located in the Montchanin Station Center next to Petals Florist. We greatly appreciate their support.

Kerns Brothers Tree Service has root fed all the Oak and Sycamore trees along the Pike.
In the summer of 2011 they had to spray all our trees three times for Tent Caterpillars with which there are still some problems. In the spring, Kerns Brothers plans to treat the tree roots with insecticide to resolve the caterpillar problem and avoid further spraying.

In the fall of 2011, the KPA worked with the Delaware Center for Horticulture to plant twelve trees at the southwest corner of routes 100 and 141,as well as seven trees at the northeast corner of 100 and 141.The trees were a mix of sterile Ginkos, Elms, and Sycamores. Thank you to the DCH for their continuing advice and assistance.

Your ongoing support of the Kennett Pike Association is appreciated, as we all work together to keep our unique and beautiful corridor pristine.

Thank You,

Kennett Pike Association