The Kennett Pike Association, Inc. (KPA)) was formed in 1957 and incorporated in 1961 to assure the orderly development, preservation of values and beauty indigenous to Christiana Hundred and areas adjacent to Rt. 52 south of Rt.1 near Longwood, Pennsylvania. Governed by a volunteer board of trustees, and headed by officers elected every two years, the association represents the views of members who have homes and businesses in the area northwest of the city of Wilmington between the Red Clay and Brandywine Creeks and in neighboring townships in Pennsylvania.

The KPA maintains close liaison with elected officials and various agencies throughout New Castle County and neighboring Pennsylvania. We monitor zoning changes, variances and proposed legislation in an effort to keep our constituents aware of their changing environment. We also attend public hearings whenever necessary to express the views of our members.

The KPA functions as an umbrella organization for other civic groups within the area we represent. In a crisis, all of these groups can look to the KPA for help. We maintain an office and staff and have the public relations and legal resources to react quickly should those services be needed.

May 19, 2024

An update to the KPA's positon on NCC Council Resolution No. R24-072

RE: NCC Council Resolution No. R24-072

Dear President Nagle and Members of New Castle County Council,

I am writing to you today on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Kennett Pike Association on an urgent matter regarding a recent change to the Centreville Hometown Overlay.

For over 67 years the Kennett Pike Association (KPA) has represented thousands of families and individuals – our current membership is more than 250 families and 30 institutions and small businesses who live and do business along the Kennett Pike and Route 100 corridors. Our Mission has always been to preserve, protect and beautify these corridors which are the Brandywine Valley National Scenic Byway. We are proud of our legacy of responsible stewardship. In addition to maintaining the beautiful landscaped medians in Greenville, we work on behalf of our constituents and neighborhood groups to ensure that developments and zoning matters are sympathetic to the intrinsic qualities of these special scenic roadways.

From time to time, the KPA has supported certain developments and land use changes when they meet two criteria:
    1. The development or change is consistent with our Mission
    2. The development or change has clear support of the local community

At your February 27, 2024 New Castle County Council meeting, KPA spoke in favor of Resolution R24-072 to amend the Centreville Community Redevelopment Plan and Manual of Design Guidelines to create a cottage community development option. We did so with the understanding that the local Centreville community supported the change, and that it had the support of the Centreville Civic Association, to which KPA generally defers on issues affecting Centreville. It is now clear that KPA misinterpreted or misunderstood critical information provided to us including the amount and nature of communications between the developer and the Centreville community, the level of community support, the understanding of CCA regarding the proposed project, and the effect of the Resolution in converting the pocket community approval processes from a matter of discretionary approval, to a matter of right. In supporting Resolution R24-072 our intent was simply to affirm the concept of responsible infill being possible for consideration within Centreville, subject to community support and sound planning principles, consistent with our mission. Since February 27, 2024 it has become apparent to us that there is broad and deeply felt opposition to the change in the hometown overlay that permits the development of pocket communities as a matter of right. Had we understood then what we now know, KPA would not have supported this change.

The KPA Board recently reviewed in detail the information we were given at the time, our deliberations, and our decision to support the change. The Board unanimously voted to retract our support for the change in the hometown overlay given the misinformation and misunderstanding on which our prior support was based, and in view of the considerable and reasonable opposition to the change in the overlay. Going forward we would hope for greater clarity in distinguishing between a particular pocket community development and ordinance changes to allow for them. We sincerely regret our part in providing misguided support for the Resolution and respectfully ask that County Council reverse its vote to amend the Centreville hometown overlay.


   Deborah Diver, President KPA
   On Behalf of KPA Directors

CC: KPA Directors
   Bayard Williams, President CCA

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