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2017 Summary on Recent Developments

The Crooked Billet development on the historic Brindley Farm property is proceeding as the proposed 55+ community gains the necessary approvals. The 28-acre estate just north of the Christiana Care facility at the intersection of Kennett Pike and Route 141 was originally deeded by William Penn and visited by General George Washington just before the Battle of the Brandywine. Developer and builder Tim Dewson plans to build 22 single family homes while preserving 14 acres as open space, and the estate home will also be preserved. In addition, 7 new homes will be constructed on Kent Road joining the Westover Hills C community.

The Country House retirement community in Greenville is proceeding with their plans to expand their facilities. 55 new independent living apartments and 18,000 square feet of amenities will be constructed by extending the front of the main building. In addition, 20 context-sensitive duplex cottages in 10 buildings will be constructed on the Charis Parcel closer to the Delaware Museum of Natural History.

The Wagoner’s Row development at the southeast corner of Buck Road and Route 100 has now gotten underway. A suit challenging the proposed development was found in favor of Wagoner’s Row. The 20-acre property owned by the Mary Kaye Carpenter Trust will have 12 cape-style homes for people over age 55 of some 3000 square feet each. The owners worked with the community to increase the setback from the roadway and to agree to height restrictions and requested landscaping.

The Stonebrook development just north of Stonegates in Greenville has broken ground and started  construction on 6 new homes. The new homes will be about 2,700 to 2,900 square feet and sold to age 50+ residents. The developer worked with the community to convince the state and county to not require sidewalks along the Kennett Pike which would not have connected to any other sidewalks or pathways. The original home will be preserved.

The Marra Project located just south of the AI DuPont Middle School in Greenville is also proceeding. This is a 4-lot subdivision with the new homes set back well off of the Kennett Pike --- more than 125 feet --- with significant landscaping along the roadway.

Current Meetings:

The KPA will host annual meeting on October 13th at Hagley Soda House 5:00 pm

Theme: Community Get-Together – meet your neighbors and elected officials; hear development updates; enjoy snacks and beverages


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The KPA hosted a Meeting on September 30, 2004 (PDF) to discuss the transportation issues in Centreville, Delaware.
Delaware Department of Transportation (Del DOT) hosted a second meeting on October 25, 2004. (PDF)

Centreville Civic Association and New Castle County are working on an Hometown Overlay for Centreville. This link show the work that has been done to date on the Centreville Villiage Plan.