The Kennett Pike Association's (KPA) boundaries are essentially congruent with Christiana Hundred's north of the Wilmington city limits. (In fact, the KPA was. for a brief time in 1958, called the - Northern Christiana Hundred Association" and this title is still used in our Corporate Charter) The Western boundary is the Lancaster Pike/Red Clay Creek to the Delaware - Pennsylvania State line, thence eastward along this arc to the Brandywine Creek, which forms the Eastern boundary south to the Wilmington city limits. For traffic impact purposes. we also include the Kennett Pike roadway and immediately adjacent areas up to Route I in Pennsylvania

Map of KPA

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History Learn about our rich heritage dating back to 1810
Boundaries Map of area served
KPA Charter The KPA's purpose
Trustees Members of the board
Sponsors Local businesses who sponor medians along the Pike