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The K.P.A. concerns itself with the needs of property owners and business along the Rt. 52 corridor up to Rt.1 in Pennsylvania, and in Delaware, an area bounded on the east by the Brandywine Creek, on the west by Red Clay Creek, and on the south by the city of Wilmington and Route 48.

What The Kennett Pike Association, Inc., KPA Is Chartered to Do:

Selected Exerpts from the Kennett Pike Association's Original Certificate of Incorporation dated January 12, 1961 and Restated December 15, 1969.

The objects and purposes of this corporation shall be in the nature of the promotion of civic and social welfare, viz

(a) In general, the prevention of community deterioration in the Northern Christiana Hundred area.
(b) The preservation of the beauty of the Northern Christiana Hundred area as an attractive community in which to live.
(c) The improvement of the appearance of existing commercial properties and the furthering of appropriate design of future buildings in the Northern Christiana Hundred area.
(d) The promulgation, adoption, promotion, and implementation of intermediate and long-range planning objectives with respect to parks, common areas, open spaces, public facilities, sanitation, water services, traffic flow, highway maintenance and development, zoning construction, police and fire protection, and any other aspect of land use, resource conservation or community welfare affecting the Northern Christiana Hundred area.
(e) The conduct of scientific research projects and educational programs such as the corporation shall deem proper in order to secure the objects and purposes of the corporation. The results of any research studies shall be made freely available to the general public. These objects and purposes are to be promoted or carried on either directly or indirectly through the cooperation of this corporation with public or private agencies having like purposes or objects.....”

"As the means of accomplishing the foregoing goals and objectives the Association shall have the following powers; (a) to sponsor and promote educational program or public campaigns designed to elicit community support for land use or conservation plans affecting the Northern Christiana Hundred area; (b) to actively support and/or legislation, includ- ing any ordinance or ruling before any State or local legislative or administrative body, affecting land use or resources in the Northern Christiana Hundred area; (c) to actively represent, to intervene on behalf Of or [to act] as a spokesman for the interests of the community in any hearing before any public administrative or legislative body with respect to matters affecting the vital interests of the community related to land use and development', (d) to contribute to or assist any public, charitable institution or governmental agency now or hereafter established which, in the opinion of the Board of Trustees, is or hereafter shall be engaged in activities which are consonant with the purposes of the Association as hereinbefore set forth; (k) To have one or more offices, and to exercise any or all of the corporation powers in the State of Delaware and in general to have all powers conferred upon a corporation, not for profit and not authorized to issue capital stock organized for charitable, scientific and/or educational purposes under the laws of the State of Delaware:. “The direction and management of the affairs of the corporation, and the control and disposition of its property and funds shall be vested in a Board of Trustees No officer, Trustee, member or employee of the corporation shall receive or be lawfully entitled to receive any pecuniary profit from the operation thereof.”

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